Monday, June 06, 2011

Choiseul Councilors Sworn In

On Wednesday June 1, 2011 nominated persons to serve as Councilors of the Choiseul Village Council were sworn in a low key ceremony which was held at the Office of the Council.
Councilors who were sworn in for the tenure February 1, 2011 to January 31,2012 are: Elmira Joseph (chairperson), Bryan S. Charles, Henson Samuel, Griffith Jn. Baptiste, Davidson Lionel, Wally St.Juste, Philomena Gilbert Lafeuille, Gabriel Lamontagne, and Veronica Stanislas.
The ceremony was attended by the Director of Local Government, Mr. Lucien Isidore, who was flanked at the table by two beautiful ladies, one his secretary and the other the accountant responsible for Local Governments.
In his short address the Director informed the Council of less resources to carry out its programs this year. He welcomed the returning Councilors for dedicating themselves to the development of Choiseul. He disclosed that The Choiseul Council has attained the status of 'most favoured council' with his Ministry Praise was showered on Mrs. St.Rose as being the 'pivotal person' in the running of Council. He cautioned Council of being misunderstood for projects which it will undertake this term simply because it's election year. He reiterated the point that Council must be transparen in whatever it undertakes.
The Chairperson thanked Councilors,the Ministry officials and more so the clerk for their presence here today. The chairperpon continued, 'Without this stalwart I would have been lost at sea, only to be at the mercy of the tides.' She went on to say how much she has learnt from the Clerk. 'I am proud to say that I have a team of dedicated Councilors who are always giving of their best' she showered at Councilors.

She however lamented the cuts in resources when Council has a larger area to work with. Revenue collection by this Council is a no no and the Ordinances she said need to be amended.
Councilor Lafeuille moved the vote of thanks.
Councilors and Ministry officials were then engaged in a little socializing and off the record chats and discussions.
Council's first order of business is to be discussed at a meeting slated for this Wednesday a 5:00pm.

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The eye opener said...

I really think that Councilors should be elected by the public and have a tem of at least three years. Yes, have Local Government elections. You can never tell,our budding politicians may grow from there and not from what the party system throws at us.