Sunday, June 12, 2011

For who will the Bell toll?

General elections are definitely on the cards for this year. It is my strong opinion that it will be in late November to early December. Don't be surprised if it is held in October. Be careful! This blog is not in anyway suggesting that it has info on the election date. This, only and only the PM knows.
Voters around the island will be casting their votes for their choiced candidates, and more specifically, Choiseulians will decide on whether to retain Rufus as their rep or replace him with Lorne, sorry I mean Bolo.(that's the talk in the air these days. De docta say Lawn en brite enuff. Mee roro)
The choice is not a difficult one to make. Why? Simple! Bousquet has delivered. Friend or foe, supporter or non supporter,labour or uwp, cannot deny this FACT. Let it be written and sung that Bousquet has out matched every single politician to ever represent Choiseul. The closest to him was his dad. You want to mention Forgetus John! No way bro!
Bousquet has Choiseul at heart and he continues to put Choiseul and Choiseulians first. It is very silly for some persons on the other side to think that Bousquet's projects are aimed at winning votes. It tells you something about these persons' perception of what development is all about.There has never been a lull in Bousquet's projects implementation. There has been continuous work,if its not in that community,then its this other one.
Lorne and his myopic crews want Choiseulians to get rid of Bousquet and let him in. Well, it is his perogative. But for starters, Lorne is not a politician, period. Nothing close to that. What form of representation that he can give that is so radically different from Rufus'. Choiseulians want to see action, not mere words. Like an old saying, 'A politician's promise is a comfort to fool'. Sounds familiar. Pawol labar. Papeesho.
Hear this. Any party which wins the Castries basin is a sure winner. Which party will win in the basin belt? Your guess is as good as mine.
The writing has been carved in stone. Bousquet is a sure winner.
Overall, UWP all the way 12 to 5.
Did you hear about the Boulevard crowd? You en see nuttin yet. Check Micoud today and drop dead.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but Rufus has done NOTHING for don't come bragging here! Matter of fact, there was a youth meeting and it wasn't publicised...why aren't ALL the youth invited...why are only the UWP youth involved...and then you talk about he's been doing stuff for everyone...but guess what Mr.Publisher-I'm NOT A FOOL! & you won't make me seem like one! I'm putting Rufus OUT!