Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Balca project

Some residents in balca can now walk in comfort to their homes. This is due to the construction of a one hundred metre long footpath which includes a flight of stairs.
A certain section of this footpathy have not been completed.Information reaching this blog indicates that a certain owner of that section of the land who is from Soufriere, has been playing hard ball to allow the contractors to complete what they started. The last pic shows this section.
The secretariat of the UWP in the constituency are presently in negotiationns with that gentleman.
According to the users of the path, "We are satisfied with the work done thus far,we hope good sense will prevail,and this gentleman will allow the works to be completed."
This brings to mind a question that was posed in a comment. Hope the answer is embedded there.
Progress galore in Choiseul.

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