Sunday, June 26, 2011

La Maze on the map again

I remember reading a comment where an anonymous writer complained about the material on the road surface. He/she also complained that we are approaching the rainy season and the surface material will be washed away.
Presently works are underway in the Lamaze community to pave (concrete) the the two steepest sections of the newly surfaced at the very bottom and the other near the SDA church. These two sections of the road truly needed to be paved because it was presenting difficulty for motorists to manoeuvre, especially on the up.
Once again we see the works being done by residents of the community. There can be no doubt that they will show great appreciation for the project.
There are about twenty persons employed on the project. Works has been ongoing from Monday this week. It is due to be completed today.
One will no doubt notice the high level of workmanship of the project to ensure that vehicles do not skid on the surface.
All in all the contractor definitely lived up to expectations by producing a high standard of work. Furthermore some finance is circulating in the community, making the residents lives a little easier. That's what it is all about.
Clearly Bousquet's negotiations with SSDF has borne positive fruits for the people of Lamaze.
Brian is happy. Run-off water from the newly paved road was creating a small pond at the entrance to his shop. Solved. This is what a concerned politician does...take care of the people.
La Maze, enjoying the fruits of Bousquet's hard representative work.

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