Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gaile Rigobert Launched

On Sunday June 12, 2011 I took the opportunity to pay a visit to some old time friends in Vieux-Fort. After quite some fun and long chats we decided to check out the UWP rally in Micoud. It was the launching of Dr. Gale Rigobert, an academic. She is the daughter of the well known deceased agriculturist Andrew Rigobert, affectionately known as 'Rigo'.
What a site we saw in Micoud at the multi-purpose Center grounds. It was an ocean of yellow with an multiplicity of psychedelic colors intermingling there and there. The crowd was massive. A passerby would have thought that this was an election victory celebration.
Speaker after speaker showered words of praise and encouragement on the Dr.
Like Sam Flood said in his early morning 'Pawol Jouk Bois' at 5:30, 'If any one is thinking of running independent against Gale,they better become dependent.' Apparently throwing that at Janice.

It has been sometime now that I have taken to this eloquent and dynamic lady. Ever since, during the Senate's debate on this year's budget, this lady impressed me immensely. For eloquence, did she take a page from Rufus? (Lol).
In the half hour speech that Gale Rigobert delivered, it was like prophesy. ''I want to say to the young people in Micoud North and to the young people in St. Lucia, dream, dream, because when you dream with your knees on the floor and your eyes up to the heavens your dream could come true.'' She urged the audience. Everyone was moved. Some party faithfuls shed tears of joy as they were overwhelmed by Gaile's captivating words.
Off an on a drizzle came down actually blessing the proceedings.
It may be worth mentioning here that in spite of the poor organizational skills of the organizers of this rally as well as past events of the party, the rally went on smoothly, though a glitch here and there. A page needs to be taken from Labour's organizers.
Is this attendance a sign of what is expected, or, like was mentioned in the previous blog, 'a writing on the wall?'

Still to come, Laborie and Vieux Fort launches.
You know what to expect in Vieux avalanche of yellow. Brace yourself. The bell may be tolled?????
On the road to VICTORY!

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