Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Wasco's Careless Modus Operandi

For years now Wasco's line maintenance/repair team have been damaging our newly paved roads with no recourse to repair the damage road. I remember quite clearly when the Industry road was paved - a work which the residents begged for years only to see Wasco digging a drain in the newly surfaced asphalt two weeks after its completion. They never came back to do any repairs and so the canal across the road got deeper and deeper presenting a hazard to motorists and night pedestrians as well.
Next, one would see them again digging holes of the Choiseul/Soufriere Highway, again with no follow-up for repairs.
Recently they destroyed a whole 30m of concreted drainage in Roblot and now water from upper runs all over the place. No repairs up to now.
The Lamaze community have suffered for years with something that look like a road. Only recently they were blessed with a properly paved road. Today, Wasco was there digging a massive trench across this newly paved road.
This post is not advocating that repairs to damaged water main should not be repaired, but Wasco must take the responsibility to return the damaged road to its previous state.
Or is there some arrangement by Wasco with Min of Infrastructure. Too many of our roads are left with gapeing potholes by Wasco's irresponsible workers.
This practice by Wasco must be investigated to find out whose responsibility it is to see after the repairs of the road when their workers have done all that damage to our roads.

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