Friday, July 12, 2013

Dugard Combined Tops Choiseul's Schools.

The Ministry of Education has revealed that 31 of the 69 schools that wrote this year’s Common Entrance Examination scored above the national mean of 61.25 percent.
     Out of the 31 only three schools from the Choiseul/Saltibus constituency were at or scored above the national mean. The are Dugard Combined (74.83), Piaye combined (67.83) and Reunion Primary (65.57). added to topping the Choiseul/Saltibus Schools, Dugard Combined has placed second on the island. BRAVO!
Dugard Combined in foreground
Again Veronica Stanisclas, the grade 6 teacher, has shown that she can deliver. The Dugard Combnied School, over the years have continually out performed every single primary school in the district. It is a legacy left by retired principal Mrs Clara Edwards.
Des Barras Combined 79.83%
Dugard Combined  74.83
Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary 73.00
Fond Assau Combined 72.50
Camille Henry Memorial 71.78
Carmen René Memorial 69.64
Laborie Girls’ Primary 69.25Fond St Jacques Primary 68.10
Ti Rocher Combined (cas) 67.68
Piaye Combined 67.33
The Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary in Union, Gros Islet has produced the top male and female performers in this year’s Common Entrance Examination. Again Dugard Combined's  Cordelia A. Henry, placed sixth in the island's top ten students.
Below are the results of the top performers:
1. Nysa A. Pierre, Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary, 98.00% (assigned to St. Joseph’s Convent)
2. Matilda Angeloni, Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary, 96.67% (assigned to St. Joseph’s Convent)
3. Pavana I. Dalsou, Tapion Private, 96.33% (assigned to St. Joseph’s Convent)
3. Raeyne C. Fontenelle, Bonne Terre Preparatory, 96.33% (assigned to St. Joseph’s Convent)
3. Neysa J. Francis, Ave Maria Girls’ Primary, 96.33% (assigned to St. Joseph’s Convent)
6. Cordelia A. Henry, Dugard Combined, 96.00% (assigned to Vieux Fort Comprehensive(A)
6. Ian V. Shivnauth, Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary, 96.00% (assigned to St. Mary’s College)
8. Kherim J. Nelson, Reunion Primary, 95.67% (assigned to Choiseul Secondary)
8. Donna C. Vitalis, Plain View Combined, 95.67% (assigned to Vieux Fort Comprehensive)
10. Merkisha N. Desir, Ciceron Combined, 95.33% (assigned to St. Joseph’s Convent)

10. Denzel R. Gustave, Bexon Combined, 95.33% (assigned to Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary).

In this year's Common Entrance Examinations the girls out performed the boys in every area.
Subject         Girls % pass          Boys % pass
English             67.29                      58.41
Math                59.51                      54.05
G. paper          66.34                      61.67
In closing there are still 57 and 49 boys and girls respectively that have not been assigned to secondary schools.

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