Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Reconciliation Process must Begin Immediately - Chastanet.

Allen Chastanet's team beat King's team hands down at the polls held at the UWP's Convention last Sunday. The margins of victory for Chastanet's team members going up against King's team were significant - the widest margin being in the election for the post of Chairman, where Ezekiel gave Rufus a whooping lead of 180 votes. (Rufus disappeared into thin air)
By all indications, it appeared that Chastanet's team were more prepared and must have done their homework better than the King's team.
Inspite of all the negative ads by some of King's and Chastanet's supporters, as well as Labour supporters on all the talk shows and facebook, not to mention the notorious Allen Joseph, the delegates came out in full support of Chastanet. This speaks volumes.
Certain members running on King's team was definitely a minus for him. King's past relationship with these members must have triggered the change within the delegates. Clearly the only two delegations showing their open support for the King's team was Richard's and King's Constituency delegations. Not even Choiseul gave Rufus the support he so desperately needed after it is allegged he conned them into nominating him for the post of chairman.
The delegates clearly expressed a will for change within the Party and that Allen Chastanet is mandated to do. He has suggested that the reconciliation effort should begin immediately. In all fairness , it is this blog's opinion that this process will heal slowly and both sides will gel eventually for the unity which is needed to face off with Labour.
The Labour Party have their work cut-out for them as well. The road ahead will not be as easy as they once thought. Knowing their modus operandi, it will not be suprising to hear the amount of dirt which will soon be unearthed and thrown at Chastanet's team. Labour's woes are not far off the corner either. UWP have survived theirs democratically and are in good standing. Hope Labour can survive theirs when their turn arrives.
The full UWP executive:
Allen Chastanet - Political Leader
1st Deputy Political Leader - Lenard Montoute
2nd Political Leader - Gale Rigobert
Stephenson King - Leader of Opposition
Chairman - Ezekiel Joseph
1st Chairperson - Mary Polius
2nd Deputy Chairman - Andy Daniel
Welfare Officer - Felicia St Marthe
Elections Officer - Leone Theodore-John
Tresurar - Leslie Fulgence
President Women's Arm - Petra Nelson
President Youth Arm - Ms Auguste
Trustees - Gertrude George
Nicholas John
Moses Vaval

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