Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Final Stretch

Both crews from the King camp as well as the Chastanet camp will be going all out this week to consolidate their chances to have their man elected at upcoming Sunday's Party's Convention. One must have noticed quite an upsurge in activity on FB pertaining to support being given to both Allen and Stephenson. Numerous accounts have been created under fake names to take swipes at supporters of either side. What has made it even worse is the name calling, malparlay and smut that these sickos under these fake names perpetuate.
From reports reaching this blog the fight is quite evenly balanced with a slight advantage towards Chastanet. (that, this blog cannot prove) Reliable reports reaching this blog also have it that the Choiseul delegates who were showing quite a leaning towards King at the start are split down the middle now with a slightly higher percentage favouring Chastanet. Soufriere, Laborie, Micoud, and Vieux Fort it is being rumored is in Chastanet's corner.
What is however very interesting is the amount of hatred and gossip that continues to plague this internal campaign. To some, Chastanet should have never thrown his hat in the ring. Simply, they say, King has been there already. Chastanet is a new comer to the Party is another arguement being forwarded by King's supporters.
The Party's constitution clearly makes provision for elections to get a leader after a general election especially if the Party lost.
What seems to have caused all this uproar is the fact that UWP supporters have never been subjected to an election of any kind to elect the politcal leader since Compy. So to go to the poll for a leader is quite constitutional.
Both King and Chastanet have weaknesses which must be corrected whoever one wins - King being a softie, Chastanet being a spendthrift, King having no control over senior parliamentarians, Chastanet salready have economic power, why political power, and the list seems endless.
Reading todays FB, a notable stalwart of the Party, promises to be two-faced within the Party if a certain person wins. Wow! Could not believe my eyes. These are the very persons who are creating the environment for disharmony, and mistrust within the Party.
Sunday's convention will be like high voltage wire. Srewed-up faces will show their ugly heads, one will notice the divisions early - those for King or not for King, those for Chastanet or not for Chastanet. It will be a rivetting atmosphere and a loud eruption when the winner emerges. Tears will be shed, a few verbal exchanges and eventually all will be calm, as everyone heads home.
Whatever happens after that, Christ alone knows. Healing? Self- distruction?
As for the Chairmanship which is another top job. Ezekiel or Bousquet?
The way things are shaping there is a school of thought which advocates the like minds move mountains. This blog predicts if King wins, Bousquet should be chairman, if Chastanet wins, Ezekiel is his match.


Anonymous said...

Don't want Bousquet nowhere close to this party anymore. He can't be trusted. He might have one foot in UWP and the other in SLP. Ezekiel all the way.

Soufriere Sufferer said...

Mr/Ms Anonymous,
You may not want Bousquet in there, but he stands head and heels above Ezekiel. My personal issue with the former is simply I don't know where he is going to take the Party. Fearful it may be straight into Labour's hands. Everything this man puts his hands on spells trouble and chaos.