Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Plight of Roblot's Single Mothers

STEP workers
This present administration or to be more specific the co coordinators of STEP of the Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency, continuue to marginalize t a few single mothers in the Roblot, Debreuil and La Maze communities. It is not surprising to witness the recycling of workers for the  benefit  of those in charge.
     A statement from the  government clearly states ," Another cycle of the Short Term Employment Programme (STEP) commenced on Monday, July, 2013, in all seventeen constituencies in Saint Lucia. For one week, two thousand, three hundred and twenty five (2,325) persons will engage in beautification and de-bushing works in communities around the island.
It is expected that this cycle will provide much needed assistance to poor households who are currently struggling to meet monthly expenses and are preparing their children for the September 2013 school year.
A deliberate effort was made to engage single parents, who have never been employed under the programme before."
     What about these underlined sentences that the Choiseul coordinators don't understand when it comes to the needy and single parents of these three communities mention above. Is Lorne a part of this?
 Three single parent families from Roblot, four from La maze and two from Debreuil can be named off the bat who have never been employed under the program from its inception. These female single parents have at max two children on average who need school supplies and uniforms to attend school come September. Where is the  sensitivity towards the plight of these women? Must they be marginalized because they are flambeaus? Must they be marginalized because they do not sync with the "Zeleves" of Labour?
What needs noting here is that the persons who have been selected for this round have already worked in more than one cycle and that these same person can do otherwise.
 This practice must stop and if its  done through the authority of the District Rep, guaranteed, he will pay dearly for this come next election.
   The community of Roblot continues to get shafted by our Rep. The roads are in a deplorable state - tou pa esee, tou pa la, getaway pa la.  The Library service is no more. The Human Resource center is in a deplorable state and worst of all its been over five hundred days (500) since our rep has not had a face to face meeting with constituents of this polling division. Do you call this representation/
 Lorne in his opening statement during this year's Budget debate on the Estimates of Expenditure for 2013 - 2014, apologized to the people of Choiseul for his continued absense in the Constituency and vowed that this will never happen again. Roblot, and Lamaze  for sure have not seen any change.
    It is this blog's guess that come 2016 we will be seeing too much of him. The blog thinks that there must be greater equity in the distribution of jobs to sinle mothers in the communities. we are not sure if the same exists in the other communities, but it wouldn't come as a surprise if it were not. The coordinators need to put partisan politics aside and really give assistance to those really in need regardless of political affiliation.
that's the way to go.

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