Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dugard Combined Gets Five In Choiseul's Top Ten CE Students

The ambiance surrounding Dugard Combined
This year's Common Entrance results for the Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency is very intriguing and more so may raise some eyebrows for some concerned parents. Why is Dugard Combined so persistent?
The results for Choiseul as provided by the Ministry of Education shows that even the top student of some of the schools performed below the top five students of the Dugard Combined. Now isn't that something? Only Dugard, Reunion and Piaye schools achieved or passed the National Mean of 61%. Need for concern?
The rank, school, top student and percentage score will be shown in the following table:
Rank              School              Top student                               % score
1.                Dugard               Cordelia Henry                             96
2.                Reunion              Kherim Nelson                              95.67
3.                Piaye                  Obadele Ellevic                            92.33
4.               Delcer                 Francis Alexander                          90.33
5.               R.Doree               Chesly Obeuis                               89.67
6.              Roblot                 Kareem Jn Bapt                               83
7.             Mongouge            Esther Degazon                                81.33
8.             Saltibus                Anns L Francis                                  80
     Clearly one can deduce that Dugard got the top spot and Saltibus struggling at the bottom of the ladder. Saltibus has been a poor performer for sometime now competing with Mongouge for last place.
What is very intriguing is that some of those students, even though they have topped their school's marks are not in the top ten students from Choiseul. The other top students come from the Dugard School.
Choiseul's 2013 Top Ten CE Students:
1. Dugard     Henry Cordelia - 96.00
2. Reunion   Kherim Nelson - 95.67
3. Piaye        Obadele Ellevic - 92,33
4. Dugard    Sherrica Prospere - 90.67
5. Delcer     Francis Alexander - 90.33
6. R.Doree  Chesly Obeius - 89.67
7. Dugard    Caitlyn Theophilus -89.33
8. Dugard    Coreen Antoine - 86.33
9. Dugard    Kayla Poleon - 85.67
10. Roblot    Kareem Jn Baptiste - 83.00
      A remarkable achievement by the Dugard Combined School. Dugard claiming 50% of the top ten place in the Constituency.
    Corporate Choiseul should really acknowledge this school as well as the teacher, Ms Veronica Stanislas for a job well done, especially in her final year as a teacher. She has just retired this last school year.
Grade 6 teachers from the constituency should really emulate her and get a few tips from her high performance secret book.
     In the meantime let's find out why the other six schools in the Constituency continue to perform below the National mean. Lets get Veronica's magic wand to them.

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