Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chairman Is More Important Than Political Leader - Rufus

In the current poll by HTS it says that Rufus Bousquet said the job of Chairman is more important than that of the Political Leader. The poll is seeking public opinion on the statement.
The UWP constitution section 12.2 (b) states, the Chairperson is the senior officer in the Party responsible for administrative coordination. However the Chairperson shall defer to the Political Leader in respect to all political matters, but the latter shall consult him at all times on such matters.
Section 12.3 (a) states, the Political Leader shall be responsible for coordinating the efforts of representatives and prospective representatives to parliament and for promoting the aims and objectives, principles, policies and programmes of The Party
Section 12.3 (b) states, the Political Leader shall be the principal spokesperson for the Party in all political matters, and as such is the senior officer of the Party responsible for political direction. However, he shall be guided by the National Executive, the National Council and the Island Council in all considerations of a political nature.
    Both officers have their respective duties. The constitution does not give seniority to either position. For Rufus to make such a statement to HTS is already speaking to the nature of the man and what harm he intends to cause. In fact he is already displaying the lack of respect he had for King during his tenure in government. Since he is on the King team, is he making it clear to King that he is more important than him? (King)) Inquiring minds would like to know.
     Rufus has and will continue to operate in his one-man attitude mind. His political life has been marred with such instances - never took any notice of the constituency and divisional branches. Never worked hand in hand with his campaign team, never has been on terms with many members of the Party, refuses to listen to anyone, and in many other instances clearly showed his one-man attitude mind.
       To be a respectable and effective Chairman, one must possess characteristics that can empathize, inspire, motivate, lead and provide a clear direction for persons. Rufus does not possess these qualities.
Rufus' statement to HTS already speaks to the manner ,if elected to the Chairmanship, he intends to rule. It's an almost clear cut case that this man will create many enemies in the Party - Chastanet is already not in his best books, that I know.
   Bousquet's comments and attitude aimed at the Party after its defeat last election speaks volumes about the man. Remember the gag order Compy placed on him? His disinterest in not fighting UWP claim of fraudulent activities durind last elections, raised many eyebrows. His writing of a letter to Kenny to offer his services, (letter was exposed on the market steps) questions his true loyalty.
Neither Rufus nor Ezekiel would be my choice of Chairman if I had my way. Mayers would have been ideal. Why he pulled out is for another show.
Ezekiel may have the mannerisms to effect respect within the Party, but does he have the know it all on how to move the Party forward?
   Seems we are in for some stormy times ahead. However, its all in the delegates hands. Come Sunday one will know where we stand. God, put a hand

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