Monday, July 29, 2013

Chastanet 262, King 99

It was all jubilation at Marigot yesterday when it was officially announced that Chastanet's team had won the bid for the Executive of the United Workers Party.
Apparently there must have been some leakage before the official results were announced since Chastanet's supporters were already in a celebration mood, while many of King's supporters had already made their way home.
The following is Chastanet's unedited speech:
"Mamai Flambeau!" That's how the newly elected political leader of the UWP, Allen Chastanet began his acceptance speech to his supporters at the convention yesterday evening after the official results were announced. He continued, "Before I begin my presentation, I want to say, Sir John, this one is for you. Fellow delegates, supporters, friends and well wishers of the United Workers Party, it is with great humility and honour that I stand before you as political leader of our great Party the United Workers Party. You have restored your confidence in me to lead and recognize this great Party of ours. I thank you for your overwhelming support. I thank you for your courage and I am grateful for your show of confidence in me and the other people who you have elected to form the National Executive of our Party.
Over the last few months, we have gone through a process which is resultive in the decision to change the leadership of the United Workers Party. This process is provided for in the Party's Constitution. And I thank you for allowing the process to take effect, all in an effort to strengthen our great Party, and better prepare ourselves to assume the governance of this great country, St Lucia.
During the months leading up to the Convention, a deliberate attempt was made not to denigrade or to unfairly criticize or malign the opponent, because we recognize that we are one Party, with one objective, to unseat the Labour Party, with elections to be called soon, so we can regain the governance of this country creating an equal oppurtunity for everyone. Therefore, the process of reconciliation begins immediately.
I am making a special appeal to every supporter to reach out and embrace one another. Extend a handshake or exchange a smile. Remembering that we have one common purpose, one common goal.
The task ahead are many, and so we will need each of you to be fully involved in various aspects of the restructuring process. Every skill set is necessary. Every expertise counts. We will make a concerted effort to include everyone - the youth, the women, the delegates and constituency branches, our stalwarts, and current and past candidates and every political voter in St Lucia.
Together we will begin on a journey to rebuild our Party. We will reach out to our brothers and sisters, no matter their alleigance prior to the convention and we will work deligently, side by side to ensure that we create a Party that is resilient and relevant to the times. One that can take over the reigns of goverment and make a smooth transition into governing the country when it is called upon to do so.
Later this week a meeting of the National Executive, including Stephenson King, the leader of the Opposition, will be convened to to begin to strenghening and repositioning the Party, to deal with its internal operations and as well to respond adequately to the follies of the Labour Party administration.
We plan to reach out and maintain a close partnership with every constituency, thereby making you an integral part of the process.
Again, I wish to thank you and look forward to working with each one of you. May God bless you all and may God bless St Lucia."

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