Friday, July 26, 2013

Game Over _ Political Misfit By Peter Thomas

Rufus Bousquet with that mischievous face
 UWP send Rufus Bousquet to pasture.
 Every time I wonder whether I am too cynical about politicians they remind me that I might not be cynical enough. I watched with amazement a video clip of Rufus Bousquet making a play for what he considers to be, and perhaps rightly so, the most powerful position on the executive of the UWP. I wondered. The nerve of this Guy.!!!

 Here is one classic example of someone lacking a shred of self awareness. Mr. Bousquet has conned his way into Saint Lucian politics and at some point, during the tumultuous start of the last UWP administration following the demise of the late John Compton, he was even audacious enough to stake his claim for Prime Minister. Only in Saint Lucia.

 Here is a guy who misrepresented himself and his academic qualifications in his effort to get the late Sir John to risk whatever reputation he had then to get him a United Nations funded job for him. Yes indeed he was a major player in the UN funds scandal. He claimed then that he had a bachelors degree. We all came to know later what kind of degree that was - Third or second degree.

 After Sir John realized that close association with this con-v would cause his candles to cost more than his funeral he shunted him from his cabinet.
 But politics in Saint Lucia, to quote the former Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Basdeo Panday, “having a morality of its own”, saw this charlatan being reelected to parliament. This was a clear manifestation of our dysfunctional politics. For every time those in leadership positions in our politics arrive at the junction of tough ethical choices and political expedience they almost always opt for the latter.

 After all we knew of this guy the people of Choisuel, bless their hearts, decided to inflict our body politic with this rash. Once again his smooth talking and Machiavellian tendencies caused Sir John to sideline him for usurping his authority as leader and overstepping his bounds in the China vs. Taiwan decision.

 This guy has no business in Saint Lucia politics, let alone being in such a powerful position in a major political party or the inner sanctums of our government. There is no question about his role in the Taiwanese/Moroccan funds scandal.

 I recall one of his budget presentations in which he was accusing then Leader of the Opposition, Kenny Anthony, as having shagwen pouviour (lust for power) and here he is making what I consider to be ridiculously dangerous grab for power in a political party that urgently needs to purge itself of such a character and others of similar ilk.

 Pardon me for being blunt but the only position befitting of Bruce Tucker aka Rufus Bousquet in the UWP is former member.

 For a party that has suffered such a crushing blow to its credibility and legacy to elect this character to be its chairman, and a milquetoast political leader would be undoubtedly consigning itself to an indefinite period in political purgatory.

 This year marks 50 years since the UWP was founded, but judging from their silence not many perhaps even in the leadership of the party might be aware of it. Have they announced any plans to mark this important milestone? Of course not.

 A party that has dominated the government of Saint Lucia for decades and made a sterling contribution to the country’s development, I grudgingly admit, one would have thought that they would be proud to proclaim that legacy. Rather they are readying themselves to deal another lethal self inflicted blow to that legacy and any future possibilities to govern.

 Who would fault Saint Lucians for reposing their faith and confidence in the SLP as long as they continue to make a good faith effort to grow the economy and provide good governance.

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