Sunday, July 07, 2013

UWP - Shaping Up

Today many UWP supporters, friends, potential supporters, observers and the like will head to Micoud for the Party's Youth and Women's Arm Conference. By all accounts it will be a massive turn out - so says the soothsayer.
This conference is of vital importanc to both the Party and of course to either King or Chastanet, whoever takes up the leadership. It is also fair to say that the youth who are very disgruntled by the present administration are looking for an alternative to get them out of this present predicament of joblessness.
The women on the other hand are are force to be reckoned with in this country since now all what can be heard is that the law is on the women's side. These two group, not barring the men form the core support base for any party.
Uwp, it appears seems to be treading the right path. Could it be an injection of rejuvenation that was administered to the structure with the advent of Chastanet's bid for the leadership of the Party? Could it be the ramblings on facebook and other social media that have the responsible authorities to take a hard look at where the party is heading? Or is there a general consensus that Labour is taking the country nowhere so it's time to shape up to win the next general elections?
Gale's motivational speech is sure to bring about some deep reflections by those hoping to pick up the mantle to govern. Gale herself, already confirmed second political leader is a no nonsense person and with encouragement and a right leader, this Party is surely in the right gym shaping up.
Today will see the election of the national executives for the Youth and Women's Arm of the Party. It will be vtal that dedicated and committed persons be elected to these two august bodies.
It may be interesting to note whether the little democratic rivalry presently taking place in the Party over the leadership, spills into this conference, especially during the voting process.
In closing, today's massive crownd will be an indication of how disgruntled the youth and women are about Labour's promised 'Better Days' make no mistake about this.

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