Saturday, March 17, 2012

Will our constituency feature in the Budget?

 This year's budget address is one to look forward to. It will be presented against the backdrop of global economic hardships and campaign promises spelt out in, according to the Straight Up host "The blue print for development."
One will be eager to hear how the government expects to raise $1m to increase employment among the youth. Also the strategy adopted to create these employment oppurtunities will be of importance to the nation.
The banana industry surely will feature in the address as well as concerns over our ability to feed ourselves bearing the fact that the uncontrolled black sigatoka may have done much harm to our crops.
    But what about Choiseul? One would be on the ball to say that our rep is and has been lobbying to get a cut for his constituency in the Budget. It would be safe to say that Rufus has done all the infratructural work in the district and so Lorne's job now is to get programs and initiatives in the budget to see after the develoment of the constituents. Rufus fell disappointingly behind when it came to human development in the constituency during his tenure - an area for the present rep to improve on.
 The Fisheries Pond will continue to be a headache for the authorities; unless some form of study be conducted to investigate this recurring sand compilation in the pond, the rep will find himself being unpopular with the fishermen.
The rep will agree that something has to come out of this year's budget for the Saltibus people - the road resurfacing, road slippage rehabilitations and of course a public library.
   Being the Minister for the Creative Arts, developing the potential of the Handicraft Centre would go a long way in empowering the youth. And talking about the youth, the Caffiere/Dugard communities are in dire need of a place to meet.
It is not the aim of thia blog to remind the rep of his committment to the people who put him here, but rather to bring forward issues to be considered. It is most likely that the people that are around him make be more for themselves than seeing after the people who put Lorne there. (20 years involved in politics taught me so)
  However, Lorne will be able to do much for the constituency in five years if he puts the necessary structures in place. And mind you, with the right persons.
Until the budget address the constituency continues to "STEP" in style.

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