Thursday, March 08, 2012

Our girls and International Women's Day

    International Women's day was first proposed a hundred years ago to improve women's rights in the areas of pay, voting rights and discrimination. International Women's Day alright but what have the women academics in the district done to bring to the attention of our young girls the significance of this annual event. Are they too busy seeing after their own personal development than seeing after the improvement and welfare of our young girls who are in dire need. Can't blame them anyway.That's the nature of most women towards their other women friends or counterparts.( a woman's worst enemy is another woman. so says an old adage).
  Our influential ladies in the district must now take the lead to advance the cause of the girls in the district. Persons like Maura Minvielle, Clara Edwards, Elmira Joseph, Ms Chalon (Tita) and others surely have brought the girl's generation before this one a long way. Kudos to them.
What is to be done now? Other influential women in the communities - principals,business managers, church leaders, bankers and community women should come together to see what can be done. They must work with the young girls where they are at to make a change. They must also learn to be non judgmental of persons.
  Most of the older people tend to think that the present generation of girls are undisciplined and do not portray the right attitude towards work.Sex life  and morality they say are at its lowest ebb.Lack of employment opportunity in the district  adds, "have driven the girls away to the bright life in the city. Even to the point of prostituting.Still the old folks believe that the young girls have no respect for their bodies because of the way they dress. A veteran woman politician Mrs. Rock adds, "having a degree or a certificate does not make you a perfect woman."
      Most of today's parents have to realize that they are living in a different time than tha theirt of children  and the children will not behave like them in their youth  The influence of Tv, and the electronic media have had its impact on our girls.
It would make good sense if the concerned women in the district would combine their effort to put together an organisation to see after the welfare of women in the district. may be we can look forward to seeing such an organisation in place to honor some of our women for next year's IWD.
   Our girls I'm sure, have untapped potential to drive the economic development of the distrct. Girls can drive economic growth and social stability.


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