Friday, March 02, 2012

Summer Employment for our Youth

  Every year the government offers employment to young persons 16 and over to enable them to earn some cash to further their studies the following school year. Employment is being offered on a two month basis from July to August.
Persons who are interested  an download the application form from and click on vacancies in the side bar. This is what the program is all about.

SUMMER EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION PROGRAMME Please read the following information carefully.
3/4 To assist students in financial need, meet the financial cost of their education
1. Students are required to complete the application form and submit it to the office of the Ministry of Public Service and human Resource Development , 2nd floor Greaham Louisy Administrative Building, Waterfront, Castries on or before March 31 on the calendar year which you seek summer employment.

2.       Incomplete applications or applications containing misleading information will not be considered.
3.       Applicants are required to be at the minimum age of sixteen (16) years on or before June 01, of the calendar year in which they apply
4. Students will be employed for a maximum of two (2) months during the period June to July or July to August.
5. All applicants are required to obtain an NIC number from the National Insurance Corporation, as proof of meeting the minimum age of sixteen (16) years.
6. Secondary School students applying for the programme are required to provide proof of enrolment in the final year of Form Five (5) of their programme. All other applicants are required to submit proof of registration
7. Students are requested to ensure that all information including mailing address is accurate
8.       Applications submitted after the deadline date of March 31 will not be considered

The application form is in pdf format. Students interested can download the form or can write to this blog at thesaltofchoiseul@hotmail .com with the subject  "form" and it will be sent to them in Word format

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