Thursday, March 15, 2012

What next for the UWP?

   Today the High Court will be hearing the challenge put forward by the UWP against the 2011 election results in three constituencies: Babonneau, Gros Islet and Choiseul. (Choiseul appears not interested)
According to a lawyer friend of mine the cases were wrongly filed. He said that cases cannot or should not be filed against the winning candidates but rather against the Electoral office or to be more specific, against the Returning Officers for these constituencies.
    But you know, as usual another booboo again. Does that ring a bell? Remember all the "fopars" the previous government did, illegal firing and tranfering of persons all from the advise of their attorneys general. So it is not a new thing that another "fopar" is in their face again.
It is allegged that Dodee filed the cases.

   Aren't you anxious to find out what may happen at today's hearing? This blog thinks the status quo will remain the same and these matters will be thrown out of court.
Bousquet says he is done with politics and is not interested in this challenge by the party. News reaching here suggests that he never agreed to challenge Lorne's victory. As a matter of fact he told this blog that he did call Lorne and congratulated him on his victory.
    UWP should now do some serious reflection and put their act together with the hope of giving SLP a good run come 2017.Leadership for them is a crucial issue and they should stop throwing stones at the  moon like this useless challenge previously mentioned.

    Come next convention, will King run for leader, or will Chastnet, Rigobert, and Flood (not Jouk Bois) also throw in their hats for the position?
    Something to look forward to? Keep your fingers crossed.

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