Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Roblot 'STEP' exhibits favoritism?

Earlier today a caller to newsspin expressed her disappointment with the STEP program and how it seems that she is being sidelined by the persons who select workers for the program.
The third round of the program got underway in the Roblot community yesterday. The previous two rounds according to the residents went to their satisfaction except this round which has raised some eyebrows.
She waned to know whether the post of supervisor is reserved for one person only? The current supervisor has held this position for all three rounds of the STEP program so far. (There are rumors of in-fighting among the so-called top  Slp hacks in the community for the job of supervisor.)
The caller went on to ask whether, or since when it has become legal for 14 year olds to be employed in the program?
    That caller still wanted to know the rationale behind the employment of the husband of the very supervisor of the present program?According to the caller two pay packets goe in one home where as heer three children and her are left starving.
One would think that one member per household would do justice to the program.
      Through its observation of the program thus far, this blog must commend the quality of work done by the workers of two previous programs. However the number of hours on the job per day leaves much to be desired, not to mention the amount of sitting down done during these shortened periods of work.
      Is this program a form of handouts to the Party's supporters? I am sure that better can be done and an honest day's work produced.
   Finally a proper and unbiased method to select workers must be adopted to avoid double wages per household, and child labour should never be allowed to continue if it exists.

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You forget to fast. Who were your party's T canal projects given to?