Thursday, March 01, 2012

Were the police killings extrajudicial: a strictly opinionated perspective

  With the recent revocation of the top cop's US visa and the fact that America is not furnishing any reasons speculations are flying left right and center. Frederick's visa was also revoked  and one could not help to hear the kind of accusations that were being hauled at the ex-minister for the revocation.America was not bulging.
  Yesterday an ex-minister suggested that the revocation of the top cop's visa may be due to the recent police killings that had taken place over the past months. He said that because of these killings the USA has been seeking answers but to no avail. He went on further to suggest that  someone may have given the US officials information suggesting that these killings may have been a cover up for government ministers or top police officials.
  Five alleged criminals were shot at Vieux fort during an attempted robbery. Other killings of top criminals have also taken place. At one time  a number of criminals' pics were posted all over the world wide web. It was rumored that the names came from a hit list from the police.
  Inquests have been scheduled to take place and until this is done St. Lucians will continue to thrive on speculation.

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Your Headlines: "Were the police killings extrajudicialpeaking stricting from an opiniated perspective h" is confusing; please fix.

I assume you meant: "Were the police killings extrajudicial: a strictly opinionated perspective."

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