Saturday, March 03, 2012

China or Taiwan? Which way Mr. Rep?

   It is quite clear over the electronic media, except for Earl Bousquet and his self-serving motive that St.Lucians wants to stay with Taiwan. St.lucians have seen the tangible results for the five years the last administration had Taiwan onboard.
   It's an island wide sentiment that Taiwan must stay. Residents of Choiseul/Saltibus constituency have benefitted immensely from Taiwan. In fact the whole landscape of Choiseul has changed because of Taiwan funds. Thanks to Rufus for this. The living standard of Choiseul people has changed dramatically. Don't you think so?
   Now Choiseul would like to see the continuation of progress and as a result would rather stay with Taiwan. The point here is 
what does our new Rep thinks? This blog shares the view that it will be politically correct for Lorne to vote for Taiwan. He must do what is right for the people of Choiseul if he is to survive politically.
   However, it is very scary what may become of him should he go against the grain of this Government if they choose China in place of Taiwan.
  Should we then say that Lorne is treading a thin line, in that Choiseul wants Taiwan and supposing Kenny (don’t mind the Vaughn Lewis masquerage) wants China.
   The district Rep should organize a few town hall meetings to get the people's feel.
Like a song of the 60's "Which way you going Billy?"

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