Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Open letter to the Rep

The following is a letter sent to this blog for publication.

March 10, 2012

Mr Lorne Theophilus
The District/Parliamentary Representative

Dear Sir,
       I am a student from the Choiseul Secondary School who wish to bring to your attention the condition of the public facilities in my community.
During the passage of hurricane Tomas the roof of the multi-purpose centre in Roblot was blown away. Since then the authorities have paid no attention to what is left standing. Actually the remains are at the mercy of the elements of the weather.
    The public library which is housed in another section in the same building was not seriously affected. However there is a security risk as the partition separating the library from the roofless building is weak and rotting.
   We the young people, as well as the Roblot Development Committee, have no place to assemble to hold meetings. ( You are very aware of this since during your campaign you could not use the centre for an indoor meeting and had to use a rum shop not far from the building)
 The citizens of the community need you to use your authority and influence to get our centre renovated.
Also our multipurpose court is in a delapidated condition. You will of course be aware that the topography of my community does not lend to the construction of a playing field. Therefore we the young people have only the court. We have no netball, and volleyball poles. The court surface needs fixing, and the fence is falling. We would appreciate if the Ministry of sports officials would visit our area to take note of what is urgently needed.
   As a young person yourself, we hope that you will see the need to improve the facilities for the youth.
Please do not let our young people down because it was one of your campaign promises to elevate the standard of youth and sporting facilities in the constituency.

Concerned youth

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