Monday, March 12, 2012

Inquiring minds want to know

   In an earlier post this blog asked of the rep to let his constituents know which way he would like to see his government lean when it comes to diplomatic ties with Taiwan or China.
The post also made note of the contributions the Taiwanese government has made to the constituency in the ares of health, education, sports, infrastructure and more or less employment.
While this government drags its feet on the diplomacy issue another debate is taking the country by storm. It is being allegged that the timing and interests demonstrated by Dr. Stephen King is highly suspect. It is beyond the scope of this post to delve into the alleggations.
However the debate has reached the rep's domain. Pockets here and there, the watering holes, teachers during lunch breaks, students at secondary schools etc are involved in the discussion - decriminalise prostitution or not.
   The women in certain communities are not for deriminalizing. Their stand arise from a biblical stand point as well as lack of informationon the topic.
This is where our rep, our political leader, who will have to take a stand on the issue when it reahes the legislative stage in parliament let us know his position. Like a strong campaigner of his wrote in a song, "Inquiring minds want to know?"
   By the way, did the rep recognize our constituency women/girls on International Women's Day? Yes he did, but en passant. Lorne was more or less on tv to send birthday greetings to his mom Mrs. Lusca Theophilus, a dynamic and no nonsense woman and my past tutor at Teachers' College, who's birthday coincides with International Women's Day. However after sending all the wishes a beloved son would send to his mom he took the opportunity to wish women all over the world a happy IWD.
This blog thinks that the rep should do better than this. The rep should give special mention to the WOMEN of his constituency. This blog is also of the view that after giving kudos to his mom he should say something like this, "..............I would also like to take this opportunity to wish the women in my constituency, my country and by extension, the whole world, a happy International Women's Day..........."
   This blog thinks that making special reference to them, would show respect, love and concern for the women in the constituency. As anything else it was was the women that finally brought the seat home for him.
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