Monday, March 05, 2012

Better days are coming? - Labour's first 100 days

The present administration came back into office on November 28, 2011 which means the March 6, 2012 will make it 100 days since deing elected to office.
Labour's campaign on the theme "Better days are coming" and the promise that one hundred million dollars (whether US or EC) will be immediately injected into the economy to help with job creation, and the "en rouge" slogan coerced Lucians into bringing them back into government. Granted.
But what do they have to show for the first 100 days in office? 1. We have seen two weeks of a step program which to my mind was mere trickery to soothe the staunch supporters. 2. The firing of boards and installing new members instead.What's up with the CVC?
3. Kenny's reluctance to confirm diplomatic ties with Taiwan because of pride due to his irresponsible statements while in opposition. 4. The banana industry continues on a downward slope while Kenny drags his feet on the diplomatic tie in spite of the Taiwanese offer to help.
5. Corruption and Visa revocation scandals continue to haunt them because of the aggressive approach they took while in opposition. Lucians still await the top cop,s name to be released. (Remember how they were all over Frederick's case?)
6. Where is the one hundred million dollars to create employment for the youth? Have you seen any form of employment in Choiseul since after step? Where was Kenny suppose to get this gift or whatever you call it? Tom Chou is a politician and so is Kenny. The same way Kenny  while in opposition prevented the labour MPs from accepting Taiwan's money, so too he seems bent to do this to our nation. Tom Chou to the rescue - Kenny will have to put this in his pipe and smoke it.
7. Better days are coming alright. Hotel works are being laid off every day, businesses are on the brink of closure, persons continue to dig into their little saving to make ends meet, parents can,t even afford to pay the little allowance for the schools' feeding programs, more students going to secondary schools continue to fleece for rides to and from schools, and persons in the communities await with bated breath as to when a little project with come to their community to compliment the little they get off the land. Sad story.
8. Lorne's visit to the constituency it has been allegged is less than acceptable. It has been rumored that his relationship with his local top brass it not what it used to be. Hmmm! Favours not met? Lorne is green and will be used, but in time he will learn, I'm sure.
9. The issue of decrimalising prostitution is one that will divide this nation and cause it much pain. Remember during the time of Sara Flood when this same administration slipped the abortion bill into parliament? Keep your fingers crossed. They may try to do the same with this prostitution bill. Oh yes, better days are coming for the morals of this country.
The global economy is sick and is chewing at the achilles heels of the country, so when all these propaganda and empty rhetorics are spewed on political platforms and comes up as no show, who suffers?
May be there is still hope. Let's see what the budget brings - better or bitter days?


Anonymous said...

You want to know what has been done for the 100 days in office. Much time has been spent cleaning up the mess the former administration created. Wait you will see, you may very well be one of those the investigations will pick up and will have to face the consequences. This is what my government is busy doing. Looking into all the misdeeds of the former administration to start on a clean slate.

Dedan said...

Well,well, well, back to your personal attacks again. If you have proof of me being involved in any illegal activity during Rufus' campaign, spew it out. But be careful I can trace your ip and find you if your accusations are libelous.
In the meantime keep spitting at the sky.