Friday, January 07, 2011

Mongouge Multi-purpose Centre - a masterpiece

Bousquet has once more kept his word. Sometime last year during a tour of the delapidated community centre at Mongouge,he promised the residents that he is going to build a muti-purpose centre  for them. The critics  did not. take him serious. For the past few months work has been onging at a rapid pace to see the completion of this state of the art centre in this picturesque community. According to the contractor this facility will house a library,an auditorium ,an IT section, a kitchenette and a conference room. Magnificent! Mongouge will rise again.
This area where the centre is being built has enormous potential. Near the centre is a mini mart, a health centre, a restaurant, a variety store, a disco, and a refreshment house. A complete package.
The construction of this centre has brought employment to a number of young persons in the community who otherwise would just  be loitering around.
Talking with some of the residents they are all very pleased with the project.
Bousquet, the man for Choiseul.

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Mongouge Massive said...

Well well well, Bousquet is really at work to improve the community. Let's work with him, people.