Saturday, December 18, 2010

Plans for mini stadium moves into high gear - post # 3

 This is the final post on the meeting where the stakeholders held some serious discussions. This blog want to wish the committee all the best in their endeavour to bring to all Choiseulians a facility which will stand out on the map. Good luck guys.


The following suggestions were made to acquire funding for the sporting facility.

*Use of the World Cup Funds which were allocated for the development of the field.

*Director of SSDF

*UK Caribbean

*the District

*Companies and Universities with new technology can be targeted such as University of Vermont

*Get companies to advertise outside of the sporting facility

*Have outsiders to pay a fee to use the facility


A group of individuals were selected to form a committee which would be responsible for the planning stage of the sporting facility including meeting with the architects. Members of the committee are

*Mr. Brian Charles

*Mr. Vincent William

*Mr. Jonathan Chalon

*Mr. Glen Albert

*Mr. Davidson Lionel

*Mr. Mac Arthur Phillip

*Mr. Alvah Charles

Mr. Lionel thanked persons for attending the meeting.

This blog wants to recommend to the committee to name the stadium after the late JMD Bousquet.
HELLO!  Did someone turn up their nose? Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

I am happy to read about the progress the guys are making. Once you see Glen is involved in something it must succeed. Remember the Wowo project?

Anonymous said...

Bravo Rufus! Well there they have everything.This will surely silence the hacks on the other side.Mac is a good boy as well.

Jetrine Jabber

Bogdan Burca said...

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Godwin said...

Yo Gilo; when are you going to publish my post? Would you rather I send it to the Voice, Star or the Powerhouse? Be a man and publish your reader's comments, like the Powerhouse does.

Anyway, my question remains; can you and your district rep identify the source of the funds collected so far which he claims will be use for this stadium? Or would you rather a forensic audit when the labour party takes over.

Neutral Villager said...

Gentlemen, this is not how you proceed with a project of that nature. Can you tell me who is the client? have you done the preliminary drawings? Have you done the final drawing? You should put that in the hands of Ministry of Sports. I can see you all messing up. By the way, do you understand what a stadium is? said...

Very good.