Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bousquet presents laptop to Reunion Primary School

   A day which was initially planned to see the Rep present four Laptops to four different schools
had to be curtailed to the presentation of two laptops for circumstances beyond Bousquet's control.
Bousquet, arriving at the Reunion Primary School, initially thought that there was no scchool due to the silence which emanated from the structure. But to his suprise he was welcomed upstairs to a thunderous ,Good afternoon Mr. Bousquet!'
The atmosphere was warm, as one could feel an aura of comradry in the air as the pupils performed a welcome song and dance under the supervision of music teacher Gaile Charles.
Bousquet, the experienced politician as he is,went straight into the meet of the matter. He praised everyone for putting on such an elaborate ceremony. Apart from the principal he mentioned two teachers from the school whom he has had dicussions with about future plans for the school. He stressed the importance of discipline to the students and reminded them that 'Education is the Key.'
The principal, Ms. Laffeuille thanked the Rep for his donation and also informed him of the inclusion of a blind child at the school who is doind exceptionally well.
A full coverage of this ceremony will be aired on NTN soon as the GIS team covered the event. The other school which was also presented with a laptop was Rivere Doree Combined.
Look out for the post on Rivere Doree Combined's presentation.
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Reunion onlooker said...

Bousquet should make this school his adopted one. As anything else it is in his constituency office community. There is no doubt that Bousquet has worked in this regard. Computers to all top common entrance kids over the past three years,scholarships for students to travel overs,donations to schools to purchase photo-copier printer and the rest.
God bless this man