Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bousquet’s 2010 Constituency Achievements (Part 2) - Drains/retaining walls

  During the past year the Parliamentary Rep took the bold step to have the drainage system of our roads upgraded. In collaboration with the Ministry of Works, Bousquet toured the constituency and was apprised of works that needed urgent attention. Without further ado,   Bousquet immediately got into negotiations mode with the members of Cabinet and very soon one could have seen the roads in the constituency were flooded with small drainage projects awarded to small contractors to remedy the situation.
  They were timely projects, for had these works not been done, the impact of hurricane Tomas on our roads could have been more severe. Because of the properly constructed drains run-off waters were channeled correctly. This is what vision is about! Drainage works were carried out in La Maze, Victoria, La Fargue, Roblot, Jetrine, Rivere Doree, Savanne George Saltibus, Balca, Boisden, Cafierre and the rest.

  Many retaining walls were constructed around the district to preserve the integrity of our roads. In one particular instance a retaining wall was constructed to preserve life and property as four houses were precariously perched over a recently occurred land slippage.
    There can be no doubt that Bousquet has been laying down the infrastructural foundation for future developments in his constituency.

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Anonymous said...

Not impressed. A lot of those were just to provide jobs for the boys.