Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bousquet's 2010 Constituency Achievements ( Part 1) - Roads

   Without a shadow of a doubt Bousquet continues to change the landscape of Choiseul/Saltibus, which is the constituency he represents. This he did through major road projects, drainage works, footpaths,driveways, bus shelters to name a few. This was no easy feat, taking into consideration the magnitude of work he has to take care of at his Ministry including the foreign visits. But this Rep is a no nonsense man, who , according to a flyer of his is "Committed to developing Choiseul's fullest social and economic potential."
  The Boisden Road project  to my mind stands out among the rest. It was heart wrenching to experience the hardship the residents of Boisden had to endure,  using this two or more kilometres of some resemblance of a road over the years.  Mini buses refused to ply this route. Again the man of vision saw the neccessity to give these people a proper  paved road. Everybody are happy and express their gratitude to Rufus in no uncertain terms.
    Another commuity road was constructed in Morne Jacques and again, the residents don't walk in mud anymore. Persons leaving their homes had to have two pairs of shoes - one to wade the mud  until they arrive at the main road and the other to dress up to get to work or wherever their destination.
  The people of Derriere Morne are fortunate to have the longest footath to have been constructed in Choiseul. This one is a monster of a project. Is that to fool the people as one critic puts it? Some persons live in the glory of their environment and don't see the need for other persons to elevate to a higher standard of living. This is Bousquet's vision - selfnessless and committment to Choiseulians to have a better life.
  The Morne Sion drive-way, again illustrates Bousquet's committment to improving the standard of living in the communities. This project have brought widespread relief to the people, and for that they are proud of Rufus.


Mongouge watcher said...

I have to admit that this blog in no uncertain terms portay Bousquet's work over the years. I voted Tennyson last election but this time around Bousquet has my vote. A working representative.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry Mongouge watcher you've been fooled.