Saturday, January 15, 2011

Roblot's move towards a carnival band

Well at last the youth of Roblot, Lamaze and Debreuil have decided to come together to form a carnival band this year.
The initiative was taken by your humble servant the man Logix. It has been my dream to unite the youth of these three communities and what a better way to do so.
A meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow to discuss the way forward. Mr. Mc Arthur Phillip wiill be addressing the gathering at the meeting.
We will be relentlessly persuing sponsorship for the band.
Interested persons wishing to join the band are asked to send a comment including their contact number this post.
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Anonymous said...

Just like to say I'd support Logix and the youth of the three communities in whatever plans of coming together they have decided, if only i was in my home country St Lucia...I think it' can become a great happening, given support and commitment. I therefore wish you guys all the best, and here's to a successful event toward the commencement of 2011....