Monday, January 10, 2011

Delcer playground nearing completion

  The youths in Delcer, Indusry, Lapointe and its environs are all smiles now as they see the long awaited field nearing its completion.The District Rep went through a long and tedious process to have the government acquire the lands for the field.
 Works are presently ongoing to have the playground completed by the end of February. Arthany, a police officer in the Delcer community has great plans for the playground. He is already planning a cricketorama for the opening ceremony and is working tediously with the youth by helping them form clubs in each little enclave.
He has solicited the services of Dedan Jn. Baptiste, an ex-island cricketer to help with the coaching of the area's cricket team.
  For too long now, the youth of these communities have not had a recreational ground. Now they see hope. Bousquet is proud to be associated with the project and is looking for funding to constuct  a spectator's stand.
  Recently a playing field was completed in Jetrine.
Bousquet working in the interest of the youth.

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Anonymous said...

Why are all of these projects coming near the end of Rufus's tenure? Harphazard projects here and there.