Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Choiseul On The Move' going places

   Logix is happy to announce that this blog is really making the rounds all over the world. Inspite of the negative comments and smut,by some individuals who have an agenda, and which are targeted at  certain persons, we the writers of this blog are not deterred. We are well aware of the intentions of these comments, and to preserve the integrity of this blog these comments are trashed.
  'Choiseul On The Move' scored big over the past month. The stats below confirms this.

Audience :       2010 Dec 26 – 2011 Jan 24

Pageviews by Browsers

Internet Explorer 512 (53%)

Firefox 183 (19%)

Chrome 130 (13%)

Safari 107 (11%)

Opera 22 (2%)

NS8 2 (<1%)

SearchToolbar 1 (<1%)

Pageviews by Operating Systems

Windows 840 (85%)

Macintosh 73 (7%)

Nokia 36 (3%)

BlackBerry 22 (2%)

Other Unix 5 (<1%)

Linux 2 (<1%)

Windows NT 6.1 1 (<1%)

Pageviews by Countries

United States 274

Netherlands 190

Saint Lucia 157

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 106

Jamaica 42

Czech Republic 40

Canada 31

United Kingdom 25

Germany 19

Denmark 15

  We want to ensure our readers that this blog will continue to serve the purpose it was created to do - portray Bousquet's achievements in his constituency.
 In closing our staff wishes everyone a prosperous New year. Keep logging on!


Lucian Canadian said...

I notice that you have not been able to penetrate Dominica, Grenada and Barbados to name a few. However, Bravo!
The figures say it all. Keep informing us on Bousquet's works. He surely is a worker.

Village Veteran said...

I have always liked this blog. Simple and to the point. Good things a gwaan.

Anonymous said...

He is a worker that's for sure, but he also has alot of pleasure in his constituency as well! Bravo Bousquet you have it all!