Saturday, January 08, 2011

Dacretin and Caffierre/Dugard Commuters get a bus shelter

    The District rep with the assistance of the Taiwanese Government have just recently provided funding for the construction of two more bus shelters in the constituency.
    Both the Caffiere and Dugard commuters have been at the mercy of the elements of the weather as they awaited tansportation. The same applied to the Dacretin commuters. Well this is no more as both bus shelters have been completed and the commuters are happy with the works. The bus shelter for the Caffierre/Dugard people is located in Sauzay, opposite Cyria's shop and the Dacretin's shelter is opposite Obeius' Shop.
     Bousquet have already completed four bus shelters in some very crucial areas.During the course of this year he intends to construct at least two more shelters and give the exsisting ones a face lift.
    The first two pics show the shelter in Sauzay while the other two show Dacretin's.
Bousquet, making life easier for his people.

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