Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Emily - the latest TS

I am in bed and, oops, a bright lightning flash. Seconds after this, a rumbling sound that seems to be removing the galvanize on my humble house. Another flash, and I started to count (an old trick I taught my students to determine whether a thunderstorm is approaching or going away) one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three....one thousand eight, then the thunder. Another flash. One thousand one, one thousand two,.....one thousand six, and then the rumblings......the thunderstorm is approaching. And as I continue to write the flashes and rumblings are coming in fast and furious.
Why all this? Tropical storm Emily was formed in the Atlantic sometime last night and as of 5:00 am this morning was 15.5 degrees N and 64.00 degrees W. It continues to move westward at 16 mph with 40 mph winds and as it moves there is little change in strength.
What is Choiseul's and by extention St.Lucia's interest in Emily? The storm is a large one and we will continue to receive heavy showers and thunderstorms. All precautions must be taken to avoid loss of life and property.
Flooding and landslides are the hazards to watch out for.
I have always been an advocate of property insurance, but our people seems to have developed some sort of phobia towards these companies, not to mention the recent collapse of Clico and British American. Some serious education is needed in this area.
The CCU must be complimented for introducing an insurance property package to its valued customers. (your humble servant is a recpient of this plan) Well done! The Management and staff of this institution mus be commended.
Finally, my Rotweiller is astraphobic so I had to blindfold her and fit her ear plugs.(Lol) My pitbull is kool.
Please play it safe today and pretty soon the effects of the storm will go away. Looking a a seven-day forecast, rain is predicted for the whole week with a break on Saturday.
Those of us that are weather freaks like me can always check out http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/
Are you a victim of ASTRAPHOBIA?

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