Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Works at Jetrine underway

Works are presently on the way in the lower part of Jetrine where a drain and road resurfacing is being done. The work is approximately 100m long.Before the drain was constructed runommunity thus affecting many homes there.
This work is timely as we approach the huricane season. Thinking about it,the residents must have gotten a big relief from tropical storm Emily.
Speaking with a few of the residents,they are qiute pleased with this project as it brings emplyment in a small way to some of them. They also mentioned their satisfaction with the playing field. they are also hoping that a little more should be done in the community. this I hope will be done soon.

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Anonymous said...

i am quite happy for the people of Jetrine but the Balca roads needs immediate attention, vehicles from the area have to pack on top of the hill, the residents are unable to shop because the buses don't take people there anymore.