Sunday, August 21, 2011

What about Bois Den Road

The following is an article taken from a facebook page of the Uwpconstituency Branch.
Most people regard the Bois Den Road as one of the most significant and noteworthy projects delivered by Rufus Bousquet so far this term. The project completed last year at a cost of approximately EC$2,000,000.00 has brought immeasurable relief and pride to the residents and motorist alike. Not only was the project a central component of Mr. Bousquet's campaign promises, but it was completed at the most opportune of moments when the bridge at De Ville was washed away during heavy rains. Divine intervention!

The people of Bois Den had suffered immensely during the reign of the Labour Gov't with the then if we may call him so, the past District Representative. I say good riddance. Mr. Bousquest had commenced work on that road during his first term and that work was never continued by the past administration. But that is the story of unforgivable negect and incompetent representation from Labour Reps. Evans Calderon and Ferguson John. What a legacy.

The road continues to provide acess to the communities of Morne La Croix and Fond Gens Libre in Soufriere and also to Delcer, La Pointe, Industry, Franciou, Ravineau and Esperance.

There is also good news on the De Ville Bridge front as the project is in the mobilisation phase. Hoorah!

Thank you Lord for these mercies in such tough economic times and thank you Hon. Rufus Bousquet for delivering on your promises. Keep it up. Choiseul Saltibus for Rufus in 2011!

Bois Den Road 2010

Written by Jimmy Haynes

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