Thursday, August 04, 2011

Fitte Road Rehab on Track

Well, at last the residents in the community of Fiette can breathe a sigh of relief after much arm twisting had been done to get this project off the ground.
Again Bousquet must be commended for his valiant effort and continuous pressure on the relevant authorities to get this road rehab project for the residents.
Minibuses as well as the road users finally have their complains heard. There is no doubt that the business places in the area will welcome this initiative. a definite plus for Rufus.
Much work have been done on this road in the past...grading and drainage.these tempory works have only relieved the pressure for a short while.
The first phase of the project is on. Proper box drains are being constructed by local contractors,who have employed the boys in the 'savanne' to get the works done.
The project is moving along smoothly and is due to be completed shortly.
Bousquet has vouchsafe that his legacy for the development of this Constituency will live on and it is by this he will be judged.

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