Friday, August 05, 2011

Park Estate Field Upgraded

The voices of the youth in Park Estate and its environs can be heard loud and clear. There is an avalanche of support for the upgrading of the field in the community.
Over the years this small community has produced some very talented or two have even been called on the national side. This you must admit is through the avenues presented to them through the Parliamentary Rep. He has provided them with sports gear...both cricket and football,he intially had this same area which is being upgraded,leveled to accommodate cricket playing and of course his moral support was always there.
Well we should be seeing big things from this small community in the future. Now that the field is enlarged, i am sure that the standard of football will surely improve.
The work have been temporarily held up because of Tropicl storm Emily, but will resume as soon as the weather clears.
Now that Park Estate will have a fairly large field, persons can look forward to bigger events in this community.
They can take a page from the Delcer/La Pointe organisors in the way they have been putting their newly constructed field to maximum use.
Without a shadow of a doubt Bousquet has done nuff for sports in his constituency.

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