Friday, August 19, 2011

UWPees Rolling Out en Masse

Our rival candidate's favourite term, 'I'll roll on you.' may come to haunt him over this weekend.Well it's UWPEES time to ROLL on him.No hard feelings. this motorcade to VF will be so massive that a few Labars wiil get stroke. You know its typical of the labour supporters to be spying, and watching in all holes and corners to see how the Uwpees come out. They will have their work cut out for them this time around.
This motorcade will send a serious message to the opponent. don't underestimate the Flambeaus.
It is not the purpose of this blog to spell out details of the plans, but rest assurred it will be on a grand scale..
The crowd will all gather at the secretariat of the branch and ROLL OUT.
As is typical of Labour supporters, they will line up the streets and cast foul remarks as the motocare ROLLS pass by.


Anonymous said...

Shame on you all. All week you all have meeting saying you all want people for 39 buses. Poor jab you all. From the launching at La Fargue you all have "grow pwel".
We are on our way to victory so you all motorcade can't do a thing to us. Whole bunch of losers!

Anonymous said...

The rain you all prayed for for Lorne's launching, you all forgot to tell God exactly when to send it.I love KARMA!

Teway Chelot said...

Forward planning is what Labour lacks.UWP is in touch with reality. Had you guys taken nature into consideration your rally in La fargue would not be so wet. You believe in Karma? Give me a break. Thought that was a Lorne thing. Maybe you are a Lorne THING. WATCH YOUR PANTS.

Anonymous said...

Very funny teway chelot! :| I agree with Anonymous! Karma !!!!!!!!!!! Our Wet rally was MASSIVE! *Piss in your eye*

Anonymous said...

utter nonsense! Your name alone speaks to your shady character and thinking. Go lead your pigs to the slaughter in peace on Sunday.