Monday, July 25, 2011

Michelle Parath Takes Common Entrance Exam Top Spot

In a previous post this blog promised to publish the names of the seven top performers from the primary school in the Constituency. Well they are here!
Toping the district scorecard is Michelle Parath of the Dugard Combined with a score of 95.00%. Marcel L. Bissette from the Reunion Primary School with a score of 94.00%, is in second place. Congratulations from this blog to the Dugard School, Principal and teacher. Well done.
The other top performers are Trevouxninne A. Baxi of Rivere Doree Combined with 92.67%, Shervel James of Delcer R.C. Combined with 91.67%, Marlyn D. Avril with 90.00% from Piaye Combined, Elias I. Alcee from Roblot Combined with a score of 86.67%, Melody A. Francis and Lyani E. Louisy from Saltibus and Mongouge Combined respectively each scoring 81.33%.
There is a slight drop in the overall performances this year when compared with last year's results. One will notice that this year the students' scores range from 81.00% to 95.00%, whereas last year the range was 83.00% to 95.00%. The upper end of the scale is maintained.
Every year for the past four years Bousquet has donated a laptop computer to the top performer of each primary school in the constituency.
This blog has not been informed about the date for this year's presentation ceremony.
Presentation ceremonies have previously been held at La Fargue, the Choiseul Village and Morne Sion. We at this blog would like to recommend Saltibus as this year's venue.
Bousquet making sure our children meet the demands of this IT environment.
Author's note: We want to apologize deeply to the Dugard Combined School for excluding their student in the previous blog on Common Entrance passes. It was a grave oversight.


Anonymous said...

Just an observation. The student from Riviere Doree Combined is "Ninne Baxi Trevoux", guess copied with the surname first. Good post, however the analysis could have been a little more detail , with regards to the national mean, viz a vis , the means for each school from the district.

Boss Logix said...

Thanx for the correction. Actually got the report from the Examinations Unit of the Ministry. Hopefully next a deeper analysis could be done.

Anonymous said...

Ok good job!

Anonymous said...

Actually there was a child from Dugard with 95 % ...and another child from Reunion with 91% ...where did you get your information from??? Make sure it's correct before you publish..