Monday, August 15, 2011

Retired Post Mistress Honoured

On Sunday August 14, 2011, probably the most elderly senior citizen in the community of Debreuil was honoured at the opening ceremony to mark a week long Summer Programme organised by the Youth Advancement Committee (Y.A.C.), the brain child of yours truly.
Esta Charles, born on March 28, 1921 is ninety years old. She was the first post mistress serving the entire North-East region of the district - Lamaze, Roblot, Debreuil and Rivere Doree as well as Sauzay. She served in that position for thirty-four years.
She recalls when JMD Bousquet, the present District Rep's dad,who was the District Rep at the the time, and seeing the need for such a service, approached her in 1965 and offered her the job. She was asked to use her home as the post office.
Inspite of her frail-like appearance I was impressed by her ability to read a short prepared statement to the gathering.
Her unedited statement reads , '' This is a great honour and privilege to be recognised and honoured today. Words cannot express how I feel but to simply say thank you to everyone who made this possible.
Thanks to Mr. Rufus Bousquet, who assisted me after the hurricane by repairing my damaged house and for replacing my wet mattress. I am very grateful that I can sleep very comfortably.
I want to say thanks to Pat Mason and Luna who were very instrumental in getting things done.
To all those who helped in whatever way a big thank you from my heart.''
Mr. Anthony Herman, who was the guest Speaker at the ceremony was given the honours to present Esta Charles with a plaque and bouquet to honour and appreciate her service to the community.
Hts will broadcast part of this ceremony on today's or tomorrow's evening news.
A post on YAC's opening ceremony will be published shortly.
Ps. News just coming to hand report of a tragic accident on the Micoud/VF Highway a short while ago. The pic below show the scene. Two unconfirmed deaths are reported

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