Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Day for Stage Theatrics and Political Gimmicks

There will be interesting events going on in La Fargue today and you are free to watch. Persons will be speaking in riddles and half-truths today. You're familiar enough with advertising to see a come-on when you see one. (check Kenny on stage) If nothing else, you'll end the day with your political maturity more sharpened.
There is no doubt in my mind that the crowd will be fully entertained by the artists and more so the politicians, not to forget the ''Keny Dance.'' One will see a repeat of the same stage theatrics that categorised the Labour Party's campaign in 2006. I won't be surprised if I see all the candidates dressed in black suits (men in black) like they once did at a meeting in La Clery when Ignatius Jean was launched during the last general election campaign. (depicting the caption)
What to expect today? Intermittent drizzles, a sizeable crowd, (supporters, non supporters, prospective voters and party goers, traffic congestions and the usual waylalay, as well as hostility towards non Lorne supporters, which the Choiseul supporters are noted for.
You will realize that maypwis will be the order of the day. You will also realize that the Labour Party has transformed (like their Choiseul campaign crew counterparts) electioneering into low-rent mass entertainment. Their message will be irrelevant and theatrics will take centre stage.
You will also notice that while Lorne is reading his speech (sorry, Bolo's speech) the crowd would seemingly be uninterested. And while a few pockets would respond emotionally there will be no wild jubilation in anticipation of a Lorne victory.
At that rally, Labour will employ any means of deception to get into power. Don't be suprised if you hear that the 'Fonmar and back of California lands' will be offered to Choiseulians for free. What treachery! Only a desperate party would insult the intelligence of the Constituency with such drivel.
Despite the mindless predictions coming from the two recent Labour engineered polls, the opposition will will lose an additional seat or two come next elections.
The crowds attracted currently by the UWP rallies have been massive and determined. This must be a worrying phenomenon for the Labour Party.
One must not forget the ineptitude and scandals that plagued at least two of the former Government ministries......Rambally's and Finistierre's.
Rufus' campaign crew must expose his achievements and expose the betrayal of the SLP candidate as a man of the poor working class.
On the principle that a Constituency gets a Parliamentarian it deserves.
The next general elections will tell us whether we as Choiseulians will endeavour to take the path of continued progress,or choose the path of regression and continued deception.

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