Friday, July 22, 2011

Roblot Road Slippage Works Underway

Residents of Roblot and La Maze are pleased to see the commencement of a project to construct a wide-based retaining wall to alleviate the problem which a huge landslide created almost two years ago.
Almost have of the road was carried away by the slide thus making the usage of this section of the road very precarious.
Over forty workers are involved in this $250,000.00 project.
This road slippage has been a major concern to motorists as well as pedestrian. This project had to be delayed up to this time because according to a Ministry Official, the groung was very unsteady and a proper base had to be established.
Throughout the constituency, a number of projects are presently going on. There is the upgrading of the Balca field, the construction of a new field in Park Estate and the rehabilitation of the Fiette/Morne Sion Road.


Anonymous said...

What do these projects have to do with Bousquet? These are SSDF projects funded with EU funds - the ones that go through the consolidated fund.

Boss Logixx said...

Everything you can imagine. They are all being done under his stewardship which was not done under Forgetus John or Lawn Chelot. Progress in Choiseul/Saltibus. That is too much for you. What a pity you do not appreciate good things for the people.