Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bousquet's campaign launched successfully

A wedding,and the first communion hype in the constituency did not deter persons from coming out to witness the opening of Bousquet's campaign train. A crowd of between four and five hundred supporters and non supporters,as well as potential swingers flocked the streets of the village all over to absorb the reveting speeches of speaker after speaker.
The night was electrifying.The crowd was all hyped up as they heard words of victory at the upcoming polls for Rufus and by extension the United workers Party.
Pastor Wally opened the meeting with prayers. Jimmy with all his exuberance charged the crowd with,'Es Ou Pawa? ( Are You ready) the explosive answer must have sent the labour supporters scrambling. ( a few quite uncomfortably hung out on the veranda near a pub)
Shelly was the first speaker...a budding platform speaker with lots of potential. She touched on a variety of issues both locally and internationally.
Brian was so dynamic that the crowd seem to have gone in a trance-like mode. Brian the true politician that he is really let it out. He made specific reference to that family thing where persons cast their vote because of relationships. This he said, must stop.
Both Guy Joseph and Frederick rocked the crowd. The both gave particular praise to rufus for his work in cabinet and in the international circles. And if you know Guy he gave lorne some 'plock'as well. this was more in line with his so called conversion to labour. According to Guy, " Lorne pas labar, ee sa on flambeau.' He also made mention about an allegged arrangement Lorne made as a result of an allegged incident he was involved in.
Frederick in his quite familiar phrase "Nah Sou Choo" got the crowd yelling and screaming for more of the phrase. At that point the meeting was charged and the crowd all fired up. "Kee mon Non Kenny? Richard begged the hyped crowd, "Nah soo choo." They chanted in unison. Richard went on the explain to the crowd Kenny's wrong doings an unsensitivity for the ordinary man....a massa like attitude.
One can imagine that Rufus launched his campaign in the labour's so called stronghold and Peter leaving their camp and coming over to this side, what might have happened when Peter approached the podium.
Peter silenced them in their own backyard...Bravo. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.(read between the lines) Reds as he is most affectionately known was straight to the point. labour guys are no good and are not in the interest of the masses. Is lorne that type of person, since he turn coat? (what will labour do after Lorne has lost the elections and return to the uwp fold....the prodigal son?)
It must be said that the calibre of the local speakers was very encouraging for so early in the campaign. Micheal in his usual flair spelt out a number of phrase which were intended to have other meanings than the statements at face value. Trudy, the Youth arm president is on the up; and with a little coaching she will be a Rigobert.
A very moving moment of the meeting was when a little girl, the daughter of a staunched supporter came up to the podium, dressed in national wear, to deliver a short appreciation speech to Rufus. The child though readind from a prepared text was very eloquent and a sparkle in her eyes sent a clear message through the crowd. Bousquet will win this elections hands down.
Rufus and King were the last two speakers. With time running out Rufus had to be brief and mostly asked for the continued support from the constituents. He mentioned to judge him on what he has done for the constituency overall. He says that he has a vision for Choiseul/Saltibus to bring much needed work for the youth. The internal migration thing he says is crippling the out districts.
King took to the podium with a standing ovation. He continuosly showered praise on Rufus for his work in the international circles and the investment community as well as the NDC. King said that he has deep roots in Choiseul and has vowed to give full support for any intiative that Bousquet puts forward for the constituency.
In conclusion Jimmy thanked everyone for coming,the police for their vigilant patrol and all the speakers and parliamentarians with special thanks to the Prime Minister.

Finally, reports reaching the blog suggests that a particular civil servant was alleggedly rallying her forces to disrupt Saturday's meeting. It would be interesting had that happened to hear the PM's views on the matter.

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