Monday, July 04, 2011

Bousquet Presents More Sporting Gear.

At a low key ceremony held at Constituency's Secretariat, Rufus Bousquet presented a quantity of football and cricket gear to the Ricere Doree/ La Fargue, Saltibus, and Gia Bois teams.
The package for each team comprised of, football shoes, sheen guards, footballs, cricket bats, batting and wicket keeping pads, wicket keeping and batting gloves, and markers to be used during training excercises, as well as groin protectors.
On hand to receive the gear on behalf of each team was the respective captains. The captains expressed their gratitude to Bousquet for making the gear available to them>
A number of teams/clubs throughout the constituency
have benefited from presentations of sports equipment. There has been remarkable improvement in the standard of play by our sportsmen and women. Choiseul can proudly boasts of having seven U-19 cricketers on last year's St. Lucia Cricket Squad.

Bousquet continues to sponsor both football and cricket competitions through the Choiseul Sports Council.
There is now a renewed vigour towards sports by the youth ever since Bousquet pledged his support and committment to the discipline...... gear, playing fields and finanacial support where necessary.

One must not lose sight that preparatory works for the construction of the stadium is well advanced.
Bousquet playing his part in developing the constituency's sports.

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