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The campaign fever in the Constituency has brought out in the open a new breed of persons never before thought to have existed among us. I have been taken aback by the nonsensical comments, whimperings and pure blah, blah, not to mention the irresponsible statements which a spewed all over the place.
Is there a purpose for this? Sure. These so called elites (so they think) of this Constituency, are bent on bringing down with their cries, criticisms and untruths, anyone who does not support their have Lorne win his seat.
Some persons on the opposite side must be commended for their total dissatisfaction of the level of debate being rolled out by Lorne's campaign's distasteful,filled with unfounded statements,maypwis and its only aim is pure character assassination. In a nutshell, Lorne's campaign manager and team espouses propaganda. Is Lorne part of this? Beware the Ides of October!
Will Bousquet's crew respond in kind? Not a snowball chance in hell. This crew lives by the adage, ''What you sow, that you shall surely reap.''
It is so pathetic to hear the supporters of Labour (Choiseul) complain, and make silly comments to the effects that these projects are for winning votes. If this be the case, well Lorne should get zero votes because he is doing nothing and has done nothing for the constituency.
Can you believe that the worst rep Choiseul has ever had, Forgetus John, has even joined in the fray. Forgetus should be held to ransom for the plight he has placed the Choiseul fishermen in. It was under his stewardship that this poorly designed fisheries complex was constructed. Webby should take his scalp for this.
Does Lorne and Forgetus have any thing in common? Two things for sure: they both have violent tendencies and secondly on has Theophilus as his first name whereas the other has it as his last name......coincidence? Your guess. (mem bet mem pwell)
Under Bousquet's tenure thus far we have seen the landsape of the constituency drastically changed. It has been through projects sponsored by SSDF, Taiwanese Government, Ministry of Works and to some extent Bousquet's personal funds. What is deliberately being mischief on the part of Lorne's cronies, is that these projects have no connections to Rufus. How naieve of these propagandists?
It has been Rufus' constant pressure on these agencies to have these projects done.
Lamaze is a typical example...... It was an election promise to the people. The playing fields are for the youth. Are these cronies saying that these projects are not neccessary? Should these projects be left behind to please these persons who apparently do not have the interest of the constituency at heart? No way! Progress will go on unabated.
About the propagandists, their stories are frighteningly alarming. Do these so called christians have a conscience? It's amazing what some people do and say at the detriment to others to gain a vote.
It is of great interest to note that the author of this blog's rival allow so much smut, untruths, unfounded allegations and maypwis in his posts. Why? What manner of a so called ''educated matter'' is this animal?
This author has brought down the level of debate during this election campaign to maypwis and gutter politics. Does he have a personal life? Just a thought. In my personal opinion he is just a chicken.(keep quacking you blob)
In closing, let it be abundantly clear that this blog does not intend to smear any person's name in its subsequent posts.
But let it be quite clear we will not chicken out of any malicious or vindictive statements on Rufus Bousquet.
The people's voice will be heard soon and that will be the answer to Lorne's
Criers, Critics and Propadandists


Ex-Rufus Bousquet Campaigner said...

That's what I call "educating the electorate". The line here is extremely thin; at first, it looked like "maypwi" to me. But as I read it - and read between the lines - it became clear that you knew what you wrote.

It has everything to do with transparency and accountability. We have to hold all politicians accountable for their actions. In that regard, we may have to take a page from what's happening in the USA and the UK.

There's nothing wrong with a convict or criminal going for parliamentary office. It all boils down to the people who vote for him. Voting for a criminal as our rep makes a "hell of a statement" about us and about our values.

If the electorate did not know he was a criminal and voted for him/her, then they should reserve the right to recall him immediately. In that context, I don't believe that Rufus has any legitimacy as a district rep. If I were him, I would do the honorable thing and resign from office. But I hear he is fighting tooth and nail to win. He should realise that he has committed an act of fraud against he constituents and should withdraw from the race.

But again, this how criminals behave. They have no conscience and no values. That's why they rob, kill and hurt their fellow men without feeling sorry.

The other side is if we knew he was a convict and voted for him, then it makes a very powerful statement about us as a people and our values. Why would we want to vote for a law-breaker to make him a law-maker. Are we like him? Is that what we want for our children? Can we look into our children's eyes and tell them we voted for criminal?

It may having everything to do with illiteracy and ignorance of our people as a whole; and also the dishonesty and selfishness of our leaders who are his campaigners. Maybe they are being richly rewarded and they don't give a damn about our pride and our future.

We, in the US, will never vote for a criminal for rep. He must be a role model when it comes to moral behaviour

I am a strong UWP supporter; but I consider it an insult for the UWP to select Rufus as a candidate. Where is our pride as Choiseulians/Saltibusians.

For a country with the highest ratio of Nobel laureate on the planet, can't we do better?

Thanks for sharing the facts with us. I will ensure that none of my relatives vote for Rufus Bousquet.

Anonymous said...

Mr Jn Baptiste,

I passed by the Powerhouse a while ago and I thought I should bring this to you.

I understand Lorne Theophilus will be launched on Sunday. Do you know that?

Why didn't anybody attack this year's calypsonians on the Encyclopaedia of facts that they provided on Bruce Tucker/Rufus Bousquet? Why is the Tucker Blog trying to bribe the people of Choiseul/Saltibus about the facts and truth about Bruce Tucker/Rufus Bousquet?

Is it mépwi to call a murderer - a murderer? Is it mépwi to call a convict - a convict? Is it mépwi to call a Minister who deprives the Consolidated Funds of monies - a fraudster? Is it mépwi to call a minister who bluffs his constituents, a bluffer? Is it mépwi to say that Choiseul/Saltibus constituency is the “Ti Canal capital” of St. Lucia?

Is it wrong to call a spade – a spade?

Read the full article at:

Chubby said...

Dedan, you putting down a PHD to hail an ex-convict? Get real man! You pooping all on yourself and you talking about Mapwis. Fact is fact: if you shit on you then you shit on you, if you've gone to jail then you're an ex-con. Rufus realizes that you're an empty vessel making noise so he is providing free chicken for you these days - use it. You fired and replaced by REDS, another ex-con,so grow up and stop shitting on you.

Where is the excavator & truck that Rufus made St. Lucians believe that he got for Choiseul Fisheries? Why did Japan have to intervene to get the corrupt Choiseul Council to release monies that wasn't allocated to them? Why can't Rufus abide by the law and have foreign money go through the accountant General? Why must he use the CCU to launder dirty money? Answer these. You may not post it but I'll still publicize it on the internet.