Sunday, July 03, 2011


Hundreds of mourners turned out at the Zion Pentecostal Church to pay their last respects to Kate Theophane. It was an atmosphere charged with emotions......a child cannot continue singing 'Candle in the wind'' another young lady having to be led off the stage, janelle, while delivering the eulogy breaking down off an on, Soraya, while signing the death register, was all tears and the numerous bursts of crying relatives and friends could be heard throughout the Thanksgiving Service.
The church was filled to capacity and the surrounding tents and the grounds jammed with sympathizers.
Jannelle Thornil, in a rather saddened manner, and barely whisperering, while delivering the eulogy, made reference to Ketra's long battle with cancer. It was a very touching delivery as she paused on and off to regain her composure. Ketra, she said was a wonderful mom, who in spite of her illness was constantly worrying about her three children.
Tributes were paid by The Choiseul Secondary School, The Choiseul Youth and Sports Council, The Dugard Combined School, The Caffiere Development Committee and the Zion Hill Pentecostal Church Children's Ministries.
Pastor Issac Joehire, who hails from Trinidad focussed on 'celebrating life.' He kept on emphasing the point that people should make time to celebrate life with their family. He expressed his grief for Ketra's family and said that Ketra is at peace in God's presence.
Ketra's husband, Clinton Theophane and Soraya Theophane two other relatives of the family signed the death register.
All having been said and done, it was time for Ketra to take her final Journey. Among the pallbearers was Ketra's ex-principal,y Mr. Ignatius Jean. Many if not all of the staff of the Choiseul Secondary School was at the service.
The family of Ketra L. Theophane would like to thank all those who visited, telephoned, sent cards, wreaths, attended the thanksgiving service or assisted the family, or in any other way sympathisized with them during the bereavement.