Monday, July 18, 2011


Over two thousand students sat the Common Entrance Examinations this year. There were sounds of joy, regrets and disappointment when they got their results on July 14, 2011.... some got their first choice school while others had to settle for second or third choices. Still, a few could not get a choice place.
This blog has not done its rounds yet to bring its readers the top passes in the constituency as well as the school rankings. This will be done soon.
However one thing remains certain. The top student from each primary school will receive a laptop computer. Bousquet has religiously done so over the past four years.
Two more categories may be on the cards this year for consideration. The two top students from the constituency with CXC passes from Choiseul and Piaye Secondary Schools may be considered for prizes.
A catergory soon to be placed on the cards is 'Choiseul's Teacher of the Year' the details and criteria are being refined.
The presentation ceremony for this year's awards is slated for mid August 2011.
Beyond any shadow of a doubt, Bousquet has placed over twenty-eight laptops in the hands of students from his constituency.
And a number of scholarships are still pending to be disbursed.

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