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Can The Youth Of The Forgotten Communities Be Merged Into One Group?

A few key members on the new group's exec
Forming a group in any of the Forgotten Communities is an up hill task - muchless trying to merge them. Take my word for it. Internal migration, socio-economics, religion, drugs and  and poor administrative skills  are all mitigating factors,which affects the continuity of any program in these communities. Not to mention the self-acclaimed status displayed by a few founders. Hmmm!

"Some of these executive members don't even socialize." A comment from a Debreuil Youth. "I en in dat." A Lamaze resident mentioned over the phone. Among the youth in Roblot there is a luke warm feeling towards this new initiative - Poor  public relations I want to believe. Let's hope things turn around.

I have had the privilege to witness many clubs/groups born and die a painful death leaving the members frustrated,disappointed and a complete disregard for accountability of finances. The best of them all to date fell when greed took over the minds of those "absentee" executive members who thought they could manage. What a  let down of the community's youth!

This article is not intended to "dis" this so called new group, but to rather recall the historical background of the clubs that have been formed in the Forgotten Communities - all in the archives of Choiseul On The Move. Those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it.

Chrisee made things happen
1. Sometimes I sit and wonder, whether there are persons out there who are seriously concerned about the welfare of the residents of Roblot and environs. If there are they surely have a unique way of showing it.
Many persons will remember the days when Lamaze and Roblot have very good cricket teams. Debreuil was tops in football.  Continue reading at

2.The Roblot Development Committee has been plagued with the problem of migration of its executive members for ages now. This scenario of replacing two executive members at a meeting earlier today is nothing new.   Read more at

Lamaze residents at a meeting
3.One could sense the tension in the air as residents of the community of La Maze came together at the Resource Centre to elect a Management Committee.

Lamaze Youth Leaders
4.Four beautiful young ladies led by Ms. Nelta Francis, stepped into the Constituency office, looking very professional in the deameanor and mode of dress. Purpose?  Find out by reading on.

Debreil Youth Leaders
5.At a meeting held at the Debreuil/Roblot Combined school on June 29, 2011, the youth of Debreuil elected an executive to run the affairs of the club.
Debreuil youths have in the past, shown great potential in the line of sports as well as academics. Read more.

Kierian expressing her views 
6.It was an historic occasion. Over one hundred youths assembled at the Centre of Excellence in a 'get together' environment to chart the way forward towards their development. Read more at…

7. It is left to be seen how committed this revived executive is. Only time will tell as they venture to prove a point and improve the Roblot Community.Read more at 

1. Can a Roblot-based executive seriously manage youth in Lamaze, Roblot and Debreuil?
 2. Shouldn't consultations [ at least a month long] be held to get the feel of the youth and let them decide what structure this group or club should take or if they want to be part of it at all?
3. Would persons like Kina Nicholas or even Brad accept joining such a group where the executive is a Roblot-based one? Hmmmm. 

Though the intentions behind forming this group may be valid, if this group/club is to survive with Roblot, Lamaze and Debreuil youth/residents working in unison, the STRUCTURE  and COMPOSITION of the EXECUTIVE MUST be REVISITED.

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